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One of the best hotel experiences in Saudi Arabia begins as you approach Sadeem Al-Fajr hotel on Taif, a summer retreat city where old and new fuse together in luxury.
The singular locale of Sadeem hotel and resort in Saudi Arabia ensures that a vacation on Hejaz mountains is like none other. For travellers looking for a true 5 star experience, Sadeem offers the epitome of luxury hotels in Saudi Arabia. Situated at an ideal spot in the city, opens to a brief drive to the beautiful Wadi Hanifa- oasis of Taif localities. Here at the Sadeem Al- Fajar hotels in Saudi Arabia, from exquisite epicurean moments to captivating hospitality, every experience will captivate your senses. Bask in effortless refinement while calling one of our 87 richly appointed apartment rooms.



Your Stay

At the Sadeem hotel,the warm turquoise waters of the indoor pool create a cool haven on the edge of the Red Sea. Walk through the luxurious marble lobby and into a world of regal grandeur and flawless service. The sumptuous restaurant offers a breathtaking view on your candle light dinner moments, while the bon vivant menu lets you unwind after a busy day. The concierge at our information desk helps you to experience the best of Taif, from romantic evening stroll at Al Rudaf to energetic sports adventure at King Fahd Stadium.


Rooms & Suites

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    Deluxe Two Bedroom Apartment with Panoramic View

    Stay at our luxury hotel accommodation in Saudi Arabia with exquisite service, rooms featuring 360 degree spectacular views of the Shubra Palace and the Saudi Arabia Skyline.

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    One bedroom apartment

    Welcome to The Sadeem Hotels and Resorts Book your room here for exclusive privileges including complimentary breakfast, dining offers, departure transfers for suite reservations and more.

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    Two Bedroom apartment

    The thoughtfully designed suites and residences in the summer retreat city Taif, Sadeem hotels offer unparalleled luxury. We welcome you to a home away from home at this intimate city.

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    Three Bedroom Apartment with city view

    The large space includes three beautiful bedrooms, a living room and a dining space, with modernised kitchen and the glazed windows overlooking the busy city lights.


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Explore Saudi Arabia’s history and local attractions that can make you feel like one of the local citizen in this city of colors.

Heritage Tours

Shubra Palace an entirely marbled Palace is an iconic landmark of Taif. With the lattice work windows and balconies, the entire palace is glazed with carrara marbles. The stately Palace served as residence to King Faisal & stands as one of the heritage treasure of the country. As you step on the street from our hotel, not more than 4 minutes, you are at the front door of the Palace.
Beit Kaki (35-minute walk) Taif standing as a summer retreat city from ancient to modern age, this summer residence was built for the most important merchant family of the Mecca Province.The tangled stairways accompanied with the carved wooden windows, reaching to the balconies, this summer house is now completely restored and serves as a small museum to encraft the traditions of the buildings.

Carefree Picnics

To loosen up and unwind the tight curls of the tiresome routines, Taif is the impeccable station. The spring parks are all beautifully dressed up with the trimmed trees and bushes. Dancing fountains and the smiling flowers are all a pleasant sight to the eyes. To spend time as a group or to calm down as an individual the carefree picnics is a good choice to soothen up the day.

  • King Fahad Garden (5.1 mi / 8.1 km)
  • Ar Rudaf Park (5.8 mi / 9.3 km)
  • King Abdullah Garden Park (5.8 mi / 9.3 km)
  • King Faisal Garden (8.5 mi / 13.6 km)
  • Saiysad National Park (10.8 mi / 17.3 km)
  • Taif Zoo (6.6 mi / 10.7 km) – a kid friendly zoo with small playful park around to have fun.

Become a native

Hiking in Al Shafa Mountains – Not to far away but 30 km from Taif, this beauty stands 2500 meters above the sea level and 2nd largest peak in the Kingdoms. It is on the edge of Tihamma with beautiful landscapes and mostly damp-moist weather.

Okaz Historic Market: Souk Okaz was an authentic historical destination, where the visitors are awe spelled by a paradox of an ancient market that combines with the modern technologies ubiquitously used in the display of its grandeur. This ancient market whose roots are deeply entrenched in Arabic culture is known for honey and grapes.

Festivals at locale :There are events taking place throughout the year in Taif, but some famous festivals like the summer festival (Taif Alha) , roses sectrain festival, equestrian events and the Taif’s winter festival are the important joyous occasions to the homies. Without enjoying the camel races at the national festival for heritage, you cannot become a native to this fun and spunk city.

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Special Services


Whether you are staying with us for business or pleasure, keeping fit has never been easier. Open 24/7, the gym is equipped with state-of-the-art fitness equipment. Alternatively, indulge in leisurely laps in our 20-metre indoor pool, literally surrounded by views of the lighted business towers and the marble lighted Palace walls. Or simply relax in the steam rooms inside the sauna. Our Health club is full of refreshing and rejuvenating treats for your mind and body.


Sadeem Al- Fajr restaurant provides a relaxed ambience and warmly lit surrounds, whether you are indulging in the breakfast or enjoying a light lunch or a romantic candle lit dinner. Opt for the Middle eastern favorites or let the global menu take away you on a decadent trip around the world. Gaze at the city lights as you enjoy the oriental flavors from the kitchen.


From a profound one-on-one to a board meeting, the hotel’s extensive business centre has fully equipped meeting and event rooms. Our centre hall stands ready, to organise a conference for up to 200-300 delegates.



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managing director

Welcome to the modern journey in the Mecca Province. We are put together with elegance and serene, with switched-on staff, excellent restaurant, a exhilarating indoor pool and modernly equipped fitness centre. Add to that a handy location, within momentary drive of Taif’s beautiful Wetlands-Wadi Hanifa a river valley and meandering pathway to the beautiful Al Rudaf Park, and you’re perfectly located for relaxing rejuvenating getaway. We ensure the customer stay is a “Happy Home” one with our best services at your doorstep.